Part 1. 
Decode the evidence sent by our agents.

Our agents have been interviewing witnesses at all the disappearance locations. They have sent the eyewitness accounts to headquarters as codes and we have asked you to decode it. 

If we work out all the information, we might be able to match this information to one of the known mischief makers in our database. 


We have included the profile of the four biggest mischief makers last seen in the Canadian region. 


If you work quickly to identify the mischief maker, we might be able to send this information to Agent Blue Flamingo in time to help her catch them! 

We're counting on you!




Once you have worked out who the mischief maker is and sent the information to headquarters, use the method of transport of this mischief maker as the password to access the latest update from Agent Blue Flamingo. 





At the end of the transmission from Agent Blue Flamingo, a number will be displayed on the screen. Use this number as the password to access the next part of your mission.